Friday, January 26, 2007

Libertarian Bloggers: It has been great.

Libertarian Bloggers,

It has been great to provide this service to you so far. Your participation and encouragement has been more than I have received on any of my other online "hobby" projects. Thank you for this!

Thank you Blognor Regis, Free Form, Free Form New York, hell's handmaiden, Hydrablog, The Libertarian Guy, Life Liberty and the Pursuit of... , North Buffalo Journal and Review, Emerging Libertarian, and Reflections on Playboy for including a sticker back to the Aggregator.

Thanks to American Front Porch, Capitalism & Freedom, Coyote Blog, and Murphy's Bye-Laws for having a text link back to us. And, thank you to anyone who linked back whom I have overlooked (let me know) or those who wrote articles about the site.

Many Bloggers have informed me that their readership has gone up significantly as a result of this service. I appreciate all of the feedback.

To any of you bloggers who are reading this who haven't linked back, or who have a blog but it isn't listed, please consider linking or let me know about your blog so I can list it.

I have added the libertarian "tag" of my Zebby blog to the aggregator as of today, so I can post to the site as well - I may post on libertarian topics on occasion (but I've been pretty busy with other projects.)

Thanks again everyone, and keep up the good blogging!