Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tolkien Blogs: One Feed to Find them All

Now that the movies are finished, the old-timey Tolkien fans can come out of hiding. This feed is more about thoughtful posting than shrieking fandom, so all you legolas fans, you'll have to go somewhere else to get your fix ;)

The list of included blogs isn't nearly as full as I'd like it to be. There should be ME cooking blogs, blogs about elves, blogs about costume making, or local entmoots . . . so if you're a fan, and you know of a blog I missed, let me know on the comments here or the feed's email address.
Tolkien Blogs


Mouth of Sauron said...

This is a great idea. I will add you to my links. As one of the old time Tolkien fans, as much as I have enjoyed the movies I am glad the Peter Jackson madness is over, so we can back to what is most important... how great the books are!

Héctor Danniel said...

I have a weblog about Tolkien (in spanish):


Anonymous said...

you might like they have a feed at

Scott Malthouse said...

I have a blog it is updated everyday.

Susie Day said...

Thanks everyone! Blogs have been added.

You might notice some new icons next to some blogs, these indicate the general content of the blog.

Kanteker said...
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Kanteker said...

I know this blog is not entirely based on Tolkien and his works, but I have been publishing some papers written about Tolkien from 1997. These papers cover his life, some of the themes of the books, and how Tolkien has influenced modern fantasy fiction, including some quotes by best-selling fantasy authors. You might like to check it out and consider adding it to your very extensive list of Tolkien blogs. By the way, I think your listing of blogs on all things Tolkien is a great resource. I have been enjoying a number of the links you've provided.

Here is the link to the above-mentioned blog, titled Kanteker's Craft. It is a blog on writing.

Here is the official description for the post as it appears in a number of blog directories:

My name is Michael I. Colwill and this is my first attempt at a blog. I am an aspiring writer, avid reader, husband, and father. Together we will discover what shape Kanteker's Craft will take, as I am not entirely sure myself. Enjoy the postings and links, and please tell your friends about me.

Kanteker's Craft is a blog where I will submit my personal writing in various forms for your enjoyment. You are welcome, even encouraged, to submit feedback in the form of questions or critiques. The form will continue to be malleable as the blog evolves, including such elements as book reviews, personal opinions, essays, fiction, and other articles that are related to books and/or writing.

Anonymous said...

Gosh,all these blogs just prove one thing - there still are many people that value real talent. JRR Tolkien's talent.

Nancy said...

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Professor Michael T said...

Would you consider adding Middle-earth Minutes - Podcasting news and events releated to Tolkien and Middle-earth?

Anonymous said...

Greetings! The Smial Northrodorburg, an affiliate of the Argentinian Tolkien Society, has a blog about Tolkien:

It updates every two or three days, and it's frecuently visited.

qsugon said...

My blog is St. Holbytla's Monastery. Tagline: Reading Tolkien in the Light of Faith

Unknown said...

Hello tolien lovers,

I'm a huge fan of the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien and a great collector.

On my blog LOTR you will find a lot of info and pictures about my collection of LOTR items.

But you have to speak a little bit the "Langue de Molière" as the blog is in french.

I hope to see many of you there.


Anonymous said...

hi everyone, my blog is called Ringreaders, and it's at
Please come to read and post philosophical thoughts and perspectives on LOTR.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting piece. Tolkienesque...

Anonymous said...

Greetings, I have a blog dealing with the spirituality of the Red Book:

I hope you stop by to enjoy!

Namarie, God bless, Anne Marie :)

Magdalena said...

Hi! I have a blog about Tolkien in spanish, sometimes in spanglish ajaaja
Whatever, heres my link

Ill copy de html code from one badge, thanks and see you :p

Anonymous said...

If you're still updating, here's another blog link:

Thanks for doing this!

The J.R.R Tolkien Project said...

This is my Blog. Thanks for doing this!

Quest for The Hobbit said...

Great site with great links, shame some of them aren't so active anymore.
I have recently started a blog to share my love of the works, discussions about Tolkien and Hobbit movie news, and my personal dreams.

Would love you to add it to the list:

Or for a bit more extensive site:

Unknown said... Is a art blog dedicated to all things tolkien

Anonymous said...

Booksnob at is doing a group reread of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings with her readers. They just finished up the Hobbit.

Elle said...

I've been blogging about Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings for a couple of months but recently decided to do every post in english too (that's why there's only a few in English). I write about the books, events and my personal experiences and a bit about the upcoming films :)

Brian said...

Hey! This is a great service! Ive been reading through some of these blogs and am loving it!! Just wanted to share my knowldege too, theres a great site where you can pick up discount tolkien products Its where I get all my less popular Tolkien books. Also, they have a blog, though Its not updated everyday! Just another one to add to the list of blogs :)

Robert Ryan said...

As an old school Tolkien fan, I've found this a great place to track things down.

I have my own blog at

Fisherlassie said...

Check out