Thursday, October 05, 2006

Quaker Blogs

For Quaker-themed and Quaker-owned blogs (The Religious Society of Friends) we are proud to present:
Quaker Blogs
As always, please let us know if we have omitted any quality blogs or sites.


Linda said...

Thanks for the list. I hope you'll add mine. I'm probably in the everday thoughts/experiences category, though I drift into "flaker quaker" status on occasion...

Susie Day said...

Linda - great! I added you to the list. You're in flakers for now so that you have a chance of being read (the others write so fast that you would get pushed off the list before anyone saw you.) Hope you find our listings useful.

Anonymous said...

Hello fFriend:

I have been having trouble finding the HTML code for thy site, to post the wee badge. Is it possible for thee to send me the code by email, and explain how to embed it in my Blogspot template ie what prefexes and such to place before and after it in the template... I expect just after the links, with a line spacing code? I'm a biut of a dinosaur

Thine in the light
lor (Lorcan for Palin in the city)

Susie Day said...

Lorcan, I have sent the requested information by email. Thanks for showing support for this listing!

Russ Nelson said...

What's wrong with ?

Jeff Day said...


Good question. I wasn't aware of until just now. But, upon review, I see one MAJOR benefit of the Zebby system. I don't "steal" the visitors, I only show them headlines and then direct them to the respective blogs. This keeps the blog owners in control of what they present to their readers, to measure their traffic, etc. It also just keeps it easier to sift through quickly and read the topics one is interested in. I think the Internet is quite big enough for both services.

CJ Stone said...

Just thought you'd like to check out my blog. I'm not a Quaker, but i share some of your interests.

Linda said...

er, perhaps you realize this, but casual friends is repeated and occasional friends is deleted...

Laurie Chase Kruczek said...

Some Quaker blogging over at my place:



Tania said...

I hope you can add my blog: .

Susie Day said...

Added, and added.. Tatiana, your blog is down right now, I'll check back in a while to see if it's up :-)


Susie Day said...

oh, and Linda, in order not to hurt anyone's feelings, we changed the names of the sections a little, maybe you looked at it while we were in the midst of changing them?

They seem to be correct now, but thank you!

Lorcan said...

Hi Susie:
I emailed this to thee, but it bounced back...
There is, in our meeting, one of the original Back Benchers. We are seeking three more surviving members of this body who in 1966 published the pamphlet, Quakerism: A View from the back benches ... it was a remarkable task and outcome, and it is a conversation which should be on going.

We posted the original pamphlet, with a link to your Quaker Blog links. We hope Friends will comment on the topics on that blog, in terms of looking back at elder wisdom from 1966. We are also organizing a new back bencher group in New York, which will have a separate blog, with an update appreciation of where we are and may be going as Quakers in this century, and will of course add thy links.

With thanks, thine in frith and fFriendship

Babette said...

Ah how wonderful to find you! Please add my new blog I post from Hispaniola, and do work on the Haitian-Dominican border. I am a member of the Asheville, NC Meeting but all alone here. How wonderful to find a meet up in Cyberspace. And yes, please, I would love to have the embedded tag.
Light and more Light to all - Elizabeth

Liz in the Mist said...

I heard about your site this weekend while at FGC and came to check it out! I would like to find out how to get my blog on the list, if able.

Linda said...

I intended to post a comment asking you to add Liz's blog,
but she beat me to it.
I noticed that Paul L.'s blog (showers of blessings) is in both the frequent posters and the least frequent posters categories.
Thanks for providing this service. I always use your site when catching up on Quaker bloggers.

Susie said...

Thanks everyone! I've got both blogs added into the 'Blogging for Worship' section and I got rid of the extra listing of Paul's blog .. oops!


Palace of Leaves said...

A humble request to be added . . .

I am writing about Quakerism and Mothering among other things.


John Kindley said...

Thanks for adding my blog. I'm having a little trouble with the tag, which I'd like to add to my site. When I copy the html that is provided, the link shows up on my blog but it doesn't look right. Any suggestions?

Linda said...

Here's a lovely new blog:
Thanks for keeping us all connected.

one raised eyebrow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi. here is a link to my fairly new blog:

I hope you will include it amongst your links.


Anonymous said...

Hello, please add me to your list:

Lorcan said...

Hi Susie

I have begun a new Quaker Blog, not at the expense of my on going ones... I felt called to reply to much of Richard Dawkin's book on Atheism, with "A Friendly Response To Richard Dawkins". It is a blog devoted to looking at the problem with all orthodoxies, religious or political, through examining Dawkin's Atheism, as an example of orthodoxy in his attacks on the Amish and Quakers. It is not a - setting the record straight - blog, but rather, I hope, a conversation about orthodoxy from an Anglo Irish, Quaker setting.

Thine, dearly in frith and Friendship

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know about my new blog, "The Ecstatic Quaker." I explore the relevance of early Quaker ecstatic experiences (quaking, trance, etc.)to our practice of Quakerism today. Hope you find it interesting.(

Anonymous said...

This is a personal blog but I hope it sometimes has a Quaker perspective:

I'm a Quaker from Britain Yearly Meeting and would certainly welcome comments from Quakers elsewhere. Quakerism gets mentioned incidentally from time to time so that regular readers will become aware I'm a Quaker although I've never thought of outreach as an aim of the blog.

Jeanne said...


I'd appreciate it if you would add my blog about Quakers & Social Class to your list. Not sure where it fits, though. Leave that up to you!

Matthew Hisrich said...


I just started a blog on applying Quaker principles to socially responsible investing. I'd greatly appreciate it if you would add it to your list.

Matt Hisrich

Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know about my blog - The Eagle's Nest at It is a blog of social commentary.

Blessings and bliss - and thank you for your energy.

Anonymous said...


I would like to offer my two blogs:

The Empty Path focuses on faith and practice.

Walhydra's Porch is my cranky alter-ego's attempt to be Quakerly, even though people annoy her.

Blessed Be,

Susie Day said...

okay, everyone is added!

Thank you for sending me your links, keep it up. I may be slow, but I will add them eventually.

Michael - another Quaker-Pagan-xkcd fan! wonderful!

Lisa H said...

I also keep an occasional blog, with a Quaker focus:

Liz Opp said...

Hey Susie--

Thanks for this service... Not sure why it fell off my radar long ago but now it's back on. smile

I just launched a blog to focus on FGC news but in a more personal way. Not sure how busy it will be:

FGC Buzz

Thanks again for your service.

Liz Opp(enheimer), The Good Raised Up

Anonymous said...

My blog for discussion of spirituality and related topics is here:

Would it be possible to have it added?

Jennifer said...

Hi Susie,

I'm a Friend and I blog occasionally about Quakerism and parenting:

Anonymous said...

Hello Friends,

For fun, facts and information on growing your own fruit and vegetables organically, visit my blog and enjoy:

In Friendship
Frances Laing
Quaker (Wirral and Chester Meeting. U.K)

Daniel Wilcox said...

Dear Susie Day,

I have a blog at:

I would appreciate if you would add it.


In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox

Anonymous said...

The Peace Resources Committee of Illinois Yearly Meeting has created a blog & would love a listing (and participation from those who are interested in joining the conversation!).

Breeze Richardson

Liberata said...

You used to list my blog Pax et Lux. I recently closed it and exported the contents to a new one, Liberata's Blog:

I still post occasionally about Quaker faith and practice.

Hystery said...

Thank you for your work here. Perhaps you will consider including my blog, Plainly Pagan from a Quaker Pagan perspective. Most, but not all, my entries are directly related to Quaker history or contemporary issues and practice.

Susie Day said...

Okay, blogs are added. I think I may have accidentally removed a comment before I read it while trying to delete a spam post. If I removed your comment, sorry!! post again and I will add your blog.


parise said...

could you list my "quaker blog"?

it's mostly quaker stuff.

thank you.


George Amoss Jr. said...

Hi -- New blog, started this week:

It's too soon to say how often it will be updated, but right now it's every other day or so.

Bush Quaker said...

I just started a new blog at
It addresses the news and everyday issues from a Quaker perspective without always being overtly Quaker.It will include more general Quaker themes in the future. Hope you can add it to the list.



J.A. Seeker said...


I'm a Quaker (or at least a regular attender,a member soon I think) with a Zen Buddhist practice (I sit in silence a lot) and a blog:

I tend to use this blog as a place where I explore who I am and explore my feelings, perceptions, impulses and consciousness (thoughts) about what God is.

I write about obsevations, insights and questions that arise about: God; prayer; meditation; Quakerism; religious community, Zazen; Zen Buddhism and other Buddhist practices and traditions; Contemplative Christianity; Christian Mysticism as well as all the other things that come up in a life.

Would you consider adding me to your list?



Unknown said...

looking to increase people's consciousness about small government; low taxes; and maximum freedom and even to create a centrist fiscally conservative party

Robyn said...

I have a new blog Quakerish about starting a silent community and place of silent refuge
Still waters refuge-on blogger

Morgan said...

I would love it if you would list my blog, Musings of a Quaker Witch:

Thanks! And thanks for your work!

Susie Day said...

Thank you everyone! I have added all of the blogs submitted, except for which is a private blog :-( and which never mentions quakers or friends

I may be slow, but I will eventually add your blog! keep on submitting.


Scot, Jenn, and the whole Hee Haw gang said...

Hi Suzie, thanks for you work, Our new blog about a Quaker family's experiences with a CSA farm can be found at
I hope it's appropriate for the site. blessings, scot miller

Susie Day said...

Got it added :-)

Unknown said...

I just started a blog called listening to the silence that will be about my experience as a nontheist exploring my local quaker meeting.

It is at

Unknown said...

Sorry, it is actually

No dot between noviciate and quaker. See how new it is?

Unknown said...

hi, not sure if you still are at this blog, but I thought Id add mine.

smiler101 said...

Hi there - my blog, which includes my life as a Quaker (as well as a father, husband, idiot etc) is at . I'd be very pleased to be listed on your page. :)

HayQuaker said...

Perhaps you could add my blog to your list 'Hay Quaker'

Thank you

Jenn said...

This is wonderful finding so many other Quaker voices out there. Thanks for this!

You still adding, Susie? My blog is:

cialis said...

Hi, well be sensible, well-all described

Adrian said...

Hi, just discovered your site with so many good blogs.

I hope you'll list my blog, Ecological Gardening at

It's not about Quakerism--it's an expression of living and gardening as a Quaker.

Clare Flourish said...

I have just started my blog, and am Quaker.

Dr. Bruce Arnold said...

Please add my blog "Letters From The Street" to your list. It is philosophical and theological. I am a Quaker and address specifically Quake topics at times.


Eileen K. Carpenter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eileen said...

Merion Friends Meeting near Philadelphia PA has a blog at

Thanks for making this list available!

Steve Finnell said...


The prevailing thought of many is that since the Bible was not canonized until sometime between 300 and 400 A.D. that the church of Christ did not have New Covenant Scriptures as their guide for faith and practice. That is simply factually incorrect.

The Lord's church of the first 400 years did not rely on the man-made traditions of men for New Testament guidance.

Jesus gave the terms for pardon 33 A.D. after His death and resurrecting. (Mark 16:16) All the words of Jesus were Scripture.Jesus did not have to wait for canonization of the New Testament in order for His word to be authorized.

The terms for pardon were repeated by the apostle Peter 33 A.D. on the Day of Pentecost. (Acts 2:22-42) The teachings of the apostles were Scripture. The words of the apostles were Scripture before they were canonized.

The apostle Peter said the apostle Paul's words were Scripture. (2 Peter 3:15-16...just as also our beloved brother Paul , according to the wisdom given him, wrote to you, 16 as also in all his letters, speaking in them of these things, in which are some things hard to understand,which the untaught and unstable distort, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures...

The apostle Paul's letters and words were Scriptures when he wrote and spoke them. Paul did not have to wait for canonization to authorize his doctrine.

John 14:25-26 'These things I have spoken to you while abiding with you. 26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to you remembrance all that I said to you.

The words and writings of the apostles were Scripture and they did not have to wait for canonization to be deemed authoritative. The apostle did not use man-made creed books of the church or man-made oral traditions to teach the gospel of the New Covenant.

Did the early church have written New testament Scriptures? Yes, and they were shared among the different congregations. (Colossians 4:16 When the letter is read among you, have it read in the church of the Laodiceans and you, for your part read my letter that is coming from Laodica.) Paul's letters were Scripture and they were read in different churches.

They were New Testament Scriptures long before they were canonized.


Matthew A.D. 70
Mark A.D. 55
Luke between A.D. 59 and 63
John A.D. 85
Acts A.D. 63
Romans A.D. 57
1 Corinthians A.D. 55
2 Corinthians A.D. 55
Galatians A.D. 50
Ephesians A.D. 60
Philippians A.D. 61
Colossians A. D. 60
1 Thessalonians A.D. 51
2 Thessalonians A.D. 51 or 52
1 Timothy A.D. 64
2 Timothy A.D. 66
Titus A.D. 64
Philemon A.D. 64
Hebrews A.D. 70
James A.D. 50
1 Peter A.D. 64
2 Peter A.D. 66
1 John A.D. 90
2 John A.d. 90
3 John A.D. 90
Jude A.D. 65
Revelation A.D. 95

All 27 books of the New Testament were Scripture when they were written. They did not have wait until they were canonized before they became God's word to mankind.

Jesus told the eleven disciples make disciples and teach them all that He commanded. (Matthew 28:16-19) That was A.D. 33, They were teaching New Covenant Scripture from A.D. 33 forward. The apostles did not wait to preach the gospel until canonization occurred 300 to 400 years later.




The Dead Guy said...

I'm a Quaker and also have a blog

"Mission: A blog that captures the life and tales of a Psychedelic Quaker.

A visionary artist who's mission in life is to promote spiritual growth through creativity, love, inner reflection and the transcendence of our own ego."

Daniel Francis said...

I'd like to propose two blogs.
There is QueerQuaker:
which is a website by A.J. Mendoza, a convinced friend from Northwest Yearly Meeting. He writes on Quakerism.

There is also, which is my own blog (or one of them) This is more a "Casual Blogging by Friends" type of site.

Daniel Francis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joy said...

I'm a Quaker girl who blogs about everything; including my life as a Friend. Let me know if you add me so I can add the link button.

Rachel said...

Two blogs to consider:
( probably in the everday thoughts/experiences)

Abigail Maxwell said...

I generally write on trans issues, and life experience, but blog about being Quaker now and then: